Sponsoring Best Use of Technology

As the UK’s largest independent office and technology provider we are happy to celebrate the latest in Digital Technology use and innovation. We are proud to the Altodigital name to this award which we are certain will be well contested.

We aim to inspire positive change in the workplace by integrating the latest office technology, equipment and processes that a business needs to be successful. At Alto, we champion the very best in Digital Technology and our solutions are at the cutting edge of tech innovation so it will be fantastic to present the award to the winner who clearly champions these same ideals.

About Our Sponsor

We are the UK’s largest independent office and technology provider, with over 35 years experience. Our range of products and services span across print, IT, communications, document management and office supplies, resulting in a portfolio that offers everything an office needs.

Inefficient processes and sub-standard print, IT or communications equipment can really hold a business back and stop it from reaching its true potential. We focus on understanding our customers and helping their workplaces become more productive. We do this by working closely with our clients to understand what they do, how they do it and what pain points they encounter.

To complement our comprehensive portfolio, our UK based call centre and 24/7 web portal makes us easy to contact for any service enquiries and our national coverage means our technical expe
rts are never far away.