Altodigital - Express & Star Business Awards 2018 Sponsor

Altodigital Sponsor Best Use of Technology Category at Express & Star Business Awards 2018

Altodigital – a technology partner you can really trust

Altodigital is one of the UK’s largest independent providers of office technology and supplies. Its range of products and services span across every aspect of the office, resulting in a portfolio that can truly offer everything an office needs, from one place.

If you are looking into improving areas in your organisation such as print, IT, communications, document management or office supplies, then using a single and experienced provider will give you peace of mind knowing that your technology will grow with you and support you at all times.

Altodigital’s managed service plan means that you and your staff don’t have to worry about your systems and equipment breaking down, or the cost involved in upgrading or putting them right – providing you with more time, money and space to focus on growing your business.

Through Altodigital’s established partnerships with world leading brands, coupled with the expertise and experience of our sales and service teams, it is the ideal office technology partner to choose. 

Altodigital is local to you.

It operates from a series of thirteen regional offices that are spread throughout the UK, with the largest operating out of Kingswinford. This national coverage allows the company to offer on the spot support to its 8,000+ clients, so you can rest assured you’ll experience the local touch, no matter where your company is based. The business is proud to employ over 450 staff and through their expertise and experience is able to provide a comprehensive range of managed services direct to your door.

Improving performance.

Inefficient processes and sub-standard print, IT or communications equipment can really hold a business back and stop it from reaching its true potential. Altodigital is focused on understanding its customers and helping their workplaces become more productive.

Its mission is to inspire positive change in the workplace, so the company is passionate about helping its customers improve their business. Altodigital’s knowledge, balanced with its ability to offer the best products and services in the market, ensures it does just that.

It provides office technology and equipment that is easier to use, modern in appearance, more functional, faster and environmentally friendly, which all has a hugely positive impact on staff. It will increase motivation, collaboration, productivity and efficiency – all things that will improve the overall performance of your business.

Getting to know you.

Altodigital will work in partnership with you from beginning to end. Before any decision is made Altodigital will gain an in depth understanding of how you operate and where any frustrations lie, along with what improvements you and your staff want to see.

Altodigital will explore your business processes, the technology you use and the costs that are associated. This will all be followed up with recommendations for positive change.

It will then have the knowledge, expertise and experience to implement the appropriate and desired solutions that will be tailored to your requirements and budget, yet scalable, so that you can be sure that as your organisation grows, your infrastructure will not be left behind.

Visit the Altodigital website to find out more.