Business of the Year

Open to all sectors of business, the judges will be looking for an outstanding organisation whose track record sets them apart from the rest. 

The blue riband award will go to the company with an impressive turnover that has delivered a top flight performance across every part of their business and sets the standard within their industry – the very best in the region.

Entrants will need to show strength in the following areas:

  • Commercial performance
  • Leadership and management
  • Outstanding commitment to customers
  • Innovation
  • Investment in staff
  • Commitment to the local community

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Best Use of Technology

Has your company created, introduced or developed new technology that has had a positive impact on your business? If so, we would like to hear from you.

In your submission the judges will be looking for evidence of how technology has:

  • Improved processes 
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenue 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

This award is open to established and new businesses alike.


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Best Place to Work

Have you created an environment in which employees thrive and are committed to the company’s aims, ambitions and values because it is a great place to work? Does this mindset translate into positive benefits and achievements for the business?

We need you to show evidence of the following:

  • Commitment to professional and personal development
  • Return on company ethos for better performance
  • Communication at all levels
  • Commitment to the local community
  • Impact on company performance
  • Staff motivation
  • Staff retention

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Family Business of the Year

The judges are looking for impressive businesses that are actively owned or managed by a family and will be looking for entrants to demonstrate:

  • Profitable growth achieved in the last three years
  • How they achieve a balance between family and business
  • How they combine family heritage and boardroom agility/innovation
  • Effective leadership in pursuing market opportunities 

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Micro Business of the Year

This category is open to businesses employing between one and 10 people. A minimum of 18 months trading is required for any new business to consider this category.

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Dynamic leadership
  • Tangible level of success
  • Robust business plan
  • Flexibility to adapt to market changes
  • Marketing plans to maximise future growth
  • Smart working practices
  • Top level customer service
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Business Person of the Year

This is an individual award that singles out business owners, entrepreneurs and senior management for their leadership, contribution and for having a substantial impact on their business in the past year.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • High levels of business skills and acumen
  • An imaginative and inspirational manager
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Someone who has given the business a competitive advantage
  • A role model within their own business and beyond

Individuals may nominate themselves but anyone can put forward an individual for this category.

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Young Business of the Year

The judges are looking for a young business, five years or less at January 31 2019, that is likely to be a strong all-rounder, already a leader in its own chosen area of expertise.

They must be able to demonstrate:

  • Effective leadership and management
  • Innovation in products, services or processes
  • A robust marketing strategy
    Investment in staff development
  • A tangible level of success
  • Significant growth or expansion and potential to sustain this

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Manufacturing Champion

The eventual winner of this category will combine the best of traditional skills with new technology, while continuing to strengthen the regional economy.

All finalists will demonstrate a dedication to manufacturing excellence with particular attention paid to:

  • Quality
  • Sales performance
  • Sustainability
  • Investment in people and plant
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Environmental responsibility

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Small to Medium Sized Business of the Year 

If your business employs between 11 and 200 people and is outstanding in a number of ways, this could be the category for you.

The ultimate winner is likely to be an innovative company that is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

The strengths being sought are:

  • Innovation in products/services
  • First class customer service
  • Outstanding leadership and management
  • Committed workforce
  • Coherent business plan 
  • Sustainable strategy for future expansion
  • Investment in employees’ continuing professional development
  • Investment in developing the skills of young people relevant to the needs of the region’s economy
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Excellence in Customer Service 

Organisations entering this category need to illustrate both their commitment to and achievement of outstanding customer service at all levels.

We are looking for evidence in the following areas:

  • Clear customer service policy
  • Staff training and ongoing development plan
  • Strategy adopted to retain existing and gain new customers
  • How customer satisfaction is measured
  • Contribution to growth
  • Achievement of national accreditations

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